We asked a number of Step One teachers the activities they are most excited about in The Studio, a multi-purpose room suitable for large group activity and collaborative art-making . We can’t wait to see their creativity manifested in this  brand-new space!

Illustrations by Room 2 Teacher Amalie Hazelton.

Angie: I think about how science experiments can go to the next level. Experimenting with gravity in a bigger space is going to be so awesome.

Raquel: I would love to have a kiln and take kids through the process of making and firing their own ceramics! The Studio would give us the space to shape, dry, glaze, and really explore pottery. I would also love to do parachute play with the kids on rainy days: spread out, stretch, and move their bodies.

Tim: Weekly dance parties where the kids

could really spread out. Music will sound so good in that big space.

Sue: I envision drumming, movement, and dancing in the Studio. An alum family donated a few dozen authentic international drums to the school and we intend to use them in this open space where we can be loud and passionate! The rhythms will really

resonate in the Studio, and rhythm is so related to patterning and math and brain development. It’s a win-win for brain/body connecting!

Amy: I would love to take classes to the kitchen, for a one week project of making their own snack. We could work with the garden, talk about the food, the menu, problem-solve,

and work as a team. They would learn what goes into what they eat: that snack doesn’t just appear. And we could do projects over multiple days, like making bread with our own

sourdough starter.

Kevin: Building a cardboard village with the kids. Plan it, cut it out, paint it, and inhabit it! We’ve done projects like that on the yard but they don’t last well. I also dream about an arcade where the kids make all the games. Have the afternoon program work on it, and then the morning program could come and play.

Aubrie: Installation art; light and shadow art; art that hangs! I would love to use the windows to trace shadows & silhouettes and paint what we see. It’s my dream space.

Leticia: A darkroom space—the kids are interested in light and shadow right now, playing with luminaria and our projector. A darkroom could start out simple and become a planetarium, or somewhere we could develop film, depending on kids’ interest. Everything starts there!

Ayla: Big sculptural installations. One of my favorite projects, inspired by the artist Louise Nevelson, is to take recycled objects and attach them to one another in a huge sculpture for the kids to walk through. We paint one half black and the other half white, to teach the kids about negative space, light and shadow. We don’t have the space for this project in Room 5; I can’t wait to do it in the Studio!

Alexis: Building an obstacle course that extends into different dimensions with things hanging

from the ceiling. The two-year olds would get fun practice following directions, plus get exposure to directional language (what it means for things to be up, down, over, beside). Finally, climbing in an obstacle course gives them

what I call an experience of ‘reverence’—up high, they feel respect for where they are.

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